“Im a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup"-  Demi Moore



So im not really big on makeup, in fact the only makeup i own is mascara. Every year that i get older, i tell myself i will start applying makeup and being more ladylike 🙂 i haven’t mastered makeup yet. As i get older, skin care is something im taking a proactive interest in. Since becoming vegan, i have been trying to replace all my skin and hair products with vegan cruelty free products. There really are a lot of products out there, you just have to be patient and do your research properly. Organic natural products are slightly more expensive, that’s the honest truth, but how much do you value your skin? You really cannot put a price on a revitalised clearer-looking complexion.



I go for simple natural products. I have been using the Superdrug TEA TREE CLEANSER & TONER which retails for £3.29. I also use the EXFOLIATING SCRUB which also retails for the same price. The good news is that there are some offers going on at Superdrug right now. You can get 2 tea tree products for £5. So hurry and get yourself a bargain.These products purify and refine pores for a smooth clearer-looking complexion. They are made with natural tea tree and peppermint oils with aloe vera extracts. These products are not organic but have been working really well for me, especially during the winter season when my skin is prone to dryness.


This product is amazing. its pricey at £16.99 for 200ml bottle, but the good news is you can get it for £12.80 in their winter sell at .£12.80 is still a lot for a cleansing milk but it’s organic with 99% of the ingredients from natural origin of which 22% is from organic farming. it was awarded winner of the CEW ECO Beauty awards 2013. This product is light and fresh on the skin. It cleanses and removes face and eye makeup without drying it(essential especially in winter). Its formulated with rose seed milk. It eliminates impurities, while protecting the skin. My skin always feels cleansed and wonderfully fresh when i use this.  I apply it wit a cotton pad.You are advised to follow  with a mist of rose floral water to tone and refresh skin.

So this is what i am currently using. What are you face care must haves?







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