2017 GOALS


New year, new goals right… so many people talking about new year resolutions. i personally don’t really do resolutions. i just feel that as a human being you should try to improve yourself everyday. you should always strive to be better than you were yesterday.things like working on self improvement should be a daily thing and so should being more kind and helpful to others. for that reason, these are not part of my goals which im writing down.

however, even though i don’t really do resolutions, i have some goals i wish to accomplish this year. i so excited about this year. life is looking up. 2015 was a nightmare year, 2016 improved tremendously, so im hoping 2017 will even be better than 2016. upwards and forwards. you have to carry HOPE with you or you have nothing. i have read that writing your goals down somehow helps keep you accountable, so i will try it. will be good to come back and look at this in 2018 and see how far i have come. i am diving them into two: 1. FITNESS. 2.PERSONAL.



  1. The most important fitness goal this year is to stay healthy and injury free. i have had a few issues with my right knee since end of 2015. so this year stretching and warm up are going to be a part of my routine every time i go training. a few minutes extra to stretch and warm up will make all the difference. cool downs are also very important. so i will be making sure to do proper warm up and cool downs.


2. This year is all about that BLACK BELT. In case anybody isn’t aware, i practice Wu Shu Kwan which is Chinese kickboxing. i am currently a 2nd Maroon. my 1st brown belt grading is first week of March and the black belt is in November. All the training from now till then is so that im in the best shape of my life for the belt. will try doing weekly write ups of how training is going :-).


3. Im also working on being consistent with YOGA. another reason to hate winter. the yoga classes are in the evening. its so dark and cold out there. i am lazy to take a 20min bus ride to yoga class at 7pm when it looks so cold and dark out there. im hoping to keep at it though. i noticed that when i started going religiously, i posture and breathing improved tremendously, which in turn improved my running and self awareness. i even slept better. if you have never tried yoga, give it a go, you will not regret it.


4. This year im CHALLENGING myself to compete in 6 HALF-MARATHONS. I wanted to start doing half marathons last year but it didn’t happen. im hoping this is the year i start.i did my first 10k of the yaer in Brixton last Sunday. most painful race. the last time i went running was a few weeks ago, so i basically went to run a 10k with no training. stupid thing to do, but it actually reminded me of how much i enjoy running and with training i know my time will improve. so the first half marathon is 2nd April. will be starting the half marathon plan next week. im actually going to follow a plan this time around.


5. The last but not least fitness goal is to start STRENGTH TRAINING at the gym again. Again, i blame winter for my lack of motivation :-). went to the gym last Thursday after a long time. last time i went to the gym, i could deadlift 60kg, i couldn’t even do 40kg last Thursday, that how weak i have become. hoping to be putting in at least 3 days lifting a week.



  1. PROCRASTINATION is the enemy. i just need to find the motivation within myself and get things done.i procrastinate a lot.


2. I need to be MORE SOCIABLE :-). i am a happy loner. i really just love my own space very much, which i guess comes off as being anti-social. i could go for days without actually speaking to another human if i didn’t have work or University. as long as i have music, im good to go. but of course, human interaction is very important for growth.so, this year im going to try and put myself out there and be more sociable.


3. I NEED TO SAVE MONEY. Im not very good with saving money. i haven’t been doing too bad actually. i used to be really bad with spending money and buying unnecessary things. im trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle, which is helping me spend more carefully. if i don’t really need it then i don’t need to be buying it.



4. I have been thinking of starting a YOUTUBE channel for a while now. This is the year i start working on that goal. i have been looking at equipment, its all very expensive but if i continue with putting away some money every month then its all possible. im really excited about it. i want it to be an extension of my Instagram and blog. spreading the message about aspiring for a more natural lifestyle which is sustainable for the environment and all animals.


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